Online Roulette

There are dozens of online roulette sites on the web today. Not all of them are of good quality, on the contrary, too many Internet users let themselves be charmed by the sirens of dishonest operators, ready to do anything to get their money. Our team of casino experts has tested dozens and dozens of online casinos to make sure you don’t fall into this trap. Discover the main principles of the game to become a real pro.

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History of Online Roulette

The invention of roulette is attributed to Blaise Pascal, during the 17th century. However, some say that roulette originated in China. In any case, it was the French mathematician who helped make this game an attraction in casinos all over the world! Today, roulette is a game that symbolizes the image of the casino worldwide, as it illustrates the image of luck, movement and chance.

Over the past century, roulette has become more and more popular throughout the world. With the appearance of the 0 and sometimes the 00, roulette has become an increasingly difficult game over time.

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Today, the creation of the online roulette casino is revolutionizing the gaming world. Now anyone can play for real money anywhere and anytime, from a computer, tablet, and phone.

Playing roulette online has never been easier. Just log in and bet to try your luck. In real money or on the free version, everyone can feel the thrill of the game and experience great moments with online roulette!

To play a real money casino with online roulette, all you need to do is understand its rules and strategies.

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Online Roulette: Deciphering the Rules

To play online roulette, start by looking at the game board: it has different boxes on which you can read numbers ranging from 36 to 0. The double zero box is reserved for American roulette. Some boxes are red and some are black. The famous roulette wheel is placed on the table and on each of its notches you can read the same numbers as on the carpet.

If you want to play online roulette, you will have to bet: each player can bet real money chips on one or more numbers, or on a group of numbers of their choice. For example, on the numbers in the first column, on the blacks or the odd ones. Whatever you like.

The dealer will then throw the ball. Then, in suspense, the cylinder spins, spins and when the ball comes to rest on a square, you know if you have won, and how much you have won. Of course, if you bet on the exact number that just came up, you win more than if you bet on a whole group of numbers.

Each table has a maximum and minimum bet. You can bet your chips any way you like until the dealer calls out his well-known refrain. After this time, the bets are not taken into account. Now you know the basic rules of playing online roulette!

So don’t hesitate to practice and try your luck with real money in your favourite casino. Playing roulette online is a great way to experience the excitement and win big!

The Odds in Online Roulette

The house edge is not the same for all roulette variants. French and European roulette is more interesting for players than American roulette, which has an extra double zero. In French roulette, when you bet on a full number, you have a one in 37 chance of winning, whereas, in American roulette, you only have a one in 38 chance. The house edge is therefore 2.70% for European or French roulette and rises to 5.26% for the American version.

We also advise against betting on a full number, as your chances of winning are far too slim. It is better to opt for the simple odds, i.e. even or odd, black or red, miss or pass: the winnings are more modest, for sure, but the odds are more important.

Roulette on Mobile, It’s Possible!

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You think that to play roulette online, you have to be stuck in front of your computer? Think again! On the contrary, the casino has never been as mobile as it is today. The best gaming rooms have all launched mobile versions. There are two solutions: firstly, Flash casinos, which allow you to play directly inside your mobile’s internet browser. The advantage? No download casinos are compatible with all smartphones and tablets on the market.

The second solution is mobile applications. You won’t find them as often at online casinos, but they have the advantage of providing an optimal gaming experience. Apps are usually compatible with Android, iPad and iPhone, more rarely with Windows Phone and BlackBerry.