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We are now accepting applications for the Winkler/Morden PathMakers program, beginning in January 2013! Please visit the PathMakers program page for more information.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like more information or want to apply.

New Group of ChangeMakers Graduates New Group of ChangeMakers Graduates

ChangeMakers aims to help women grow as leaders by expanding their skills to engage in transformative community building. The 2012 ChangeMakers group had six participants reflecting diverse backgrounds, yet they became, together with two facilitators, a supportive learning environment. During the first half of the program the group met each Wednesday for workshops while also preparing for a project in the community.
For the last three months, the ChangeMakers were developing their own community change-making projects, implementing, and evaluating them. This year's projects included sessions for newcomers and seniors to learn about each other, a proposal for a Jobs for Youth program to be implemented next summer, and a group for support and economic development with Swahili-speaking women. 

At the end of the program, the participants said they were learning to be assertive; to worry less; to accept challenges; to go slow; to listen to other people's ideas and trust their own; to be confident; to decide what to do and follow through; and to understand people who were different.  They were all able to assert, “I am a ChangeMaker”.

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Annual Report

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