UNPAC – The Best Women in Gaming

Men have historically controlled the poker world. However, things are changing as more and more women contribute their abilities, often outperforming their male counterparts. Although a woman has not yet won the World Series of Poker Main Event, many analysts from UNPAC believe it is simply a matter of time.

woman playing poker casino

Five of the best female poker players are profiled on this page. While some players excel at cash games, others consistently place highly in international tournaments. I’m confident that a large number of women in line with globalization & migration profile can be added to this list, and that even more are currently advancing through the stakes.

Liv Boeree gambling player

Liv Boree

Liv Boree Net Worth: C$4 Million

It would be an understatement to say that Liv Boeree’s tournament record is excellent. She is the only woman to have triumphed in significant tournaments on both the World Poker Tour and the European Poker Tour. WSOP bracelet is also owned by Liv. Winnable in the 2017 10k Tag-Team competition (along with Russian Pro Igor Kurganov). At the time of writing, Liv’s poker online tournament winnings total more than C$3.5 million.

PokerStars is represented by this British poker pro. Her abilities extend well beyond poker. Boeree, who had a degree in astrophysics, has made numerous TV appearances. Hosting significant poker tournaments all over the world as well as non-gambling TV shows has been among them. ‘The Mind Control Freaks’ on the Discovery Channel and even a guest spot on the BBC breakfast show have been among them.

Liv Boeree, being a women and the economy expert, established a charity in addition to her occupations in poker and the media. The phrase “Raising for Effective Giving” describes this. Poker stars are given advice on effective philanthropy by this organization. To date, it has given C$6 million to a number of nonprofits.

Annie Duke

Annie Duke Net Worth: C$9 Million

Annie Duke, sometimes known as the “Duchess of Poker,” is an author, businesswoman, and high-stakes poker destroyer. Duke is renowned for her expertise at cash games, where she competes at the top levels, despite having a formidable tournament record. A WSOP bracelet, the 2004 WSOP Tournament of Champions title, and the 2010 National Heads-Up Poker Championship are among the tournament victories. Duke was the World Series’ top female money winner for a long time. Vanessa Selbst recently broke that record.

Like many other poker players, Annie Duke has authored books on strategy and training. The Middle Zone and Decide to Play Great Poker are two examples of this. She also established the nonprofit “Ante Up for Africa,” which generates funds for organizations that help impoverished African countries directly. Additionally, Annie co-founded the Global Poker Index and the “Epic Poker League.”

She hails from a family of poker players; Howard Lederer, the contentious creator of Full Tilt Poker, is her brother.

annie duke gambling player
kathy liebert gambling player

Kathy Liebert

Kathy Liebert Net Worth: C$6.89 Million

Kathy Liebert is less well-known today than many of the top female poker professionals. This shouldn’t detract from her incredible success in poker tournaments with the biggest stakes. Liebert’s earnings from live poker tournaments total more than C$6 million. Her track record included a strong showing in the World Series Main Event, where she eventually busted in 17th place just outside the final table.

Kathy, who was born in “The Volunteer State,” where internet casinos may be found in Tennessee, has a WSOP bracelet from the Limit Hold’em Shootout competition in 2004, she was also fond of playing online roulette. This is supported by an incredible six World Poker Tour final tables. She was the 2002 Party Millions winner. Her live tournament winnings have increased by a million dollars just from this tournament.

Annette Obrestadt

Annette Obrestadt Net Worth: C$3.9 Million

Millions of people were familiar with Annette Obrestadt via her online poker screen name, “Annette 15.” The lone Norwegian poker professional on this list is this one. After winning the 2007 World Series of Poker Europe, she quickly gained notoriety because she was the youngest person ever to take home the prized gold bracelet.

Annette Obrestadt was best renowned for her success in online poker, although having won numerous other significant tournaments. This achievement involved winning a 180-player Sit N Go without ever glancing at her own hole cards unless she was up against an all-in wager.

For this player, things did not always go perfectly. She joined Lock Poker in 2012. Many gamers’ bankrolls were lost when this website shut down. Even though Annette was not a part of Lock Poker’s illegal activities, she has maintained a markedly lower profile ever since.

Annette Obrestad gambling player
Maria Ho gambling player

Maria Ho

Maria Ho Net Worth: C$4 Million

Maria Ho’s recent admission into the Poker Hall of Fame was the culmination of an incredible (and ongoing) poker career. This professional is American and Taiwanese, and her impressive tournament wins are matched with hosting and broadcasting accolades.

Ho has earned nearly C$3 million in tournament money throughout her career. 54 World Series of Poker Cashes are among her outstanding accomplishments. In the 2007 Main Event, Maria was the final woman standing, busting out in 38th position. She has also competed in five World Poker Tour final tables and has won other smaller competitions throughout the globe.

Maria became the first female “strategic commentator” despite the fact that numerous female broadcasters host televised tournament events (for season 9 of the Heartland Poker Tour). She additionally provided commentary for NBC Sports during the Super High Roller Bowl tournaments. This female online blackjack player and poker pro is more than just a card player. Additionally, Maria Ho has participated in professional Majong competitions and made appearances on reality TV programs including The Amazing Race and American Idol.